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The scenic route Connecting Vancouver to Hope


Close to the border Just a quick drive from the Sumas border crossing


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highway seven

What is the Scenic7?

Also known as the Lougheed Highway, the Scenic 7 provides a link between Vancouver and Hope that is off the beaten path. From extreme adventures to simple, warm hospitality, there is something for everyone in Mighty Fraser Country.

Communities & attractions

An experience for everyone

Discover vibrant communities along the Lougheed Highway (Hwy 7) where there
is an experience for everyone

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Explore the mighty Fraser country

Along the route discover many visitor attractions that offer a wide variety of experiences ranging from world-class sturgeon fishing to farm fresh shopping and championship golf courses. Experience the rich history and culture of the many communities at National Historic Sites and unique First Nations attractions.

Also check out the Fraser Valley Regional District website.

Communities & attractions

Upcoming events and festivities for all

No matter what your interest the communities along the Lougheed Highway always have an event planned to keep you coming back.  From beer festivals to eagle viewing and a host of family fun filled days along the route – make sure you keep checking out the events calendar so that you don’t miss out!

Events & Activities


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