Winter Activities Along BC Route 7

Winter Activities Along BC Route 7

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Winter Safety

January 18, 2022 Winter is a fantastic time to head out for exhilarating adventures — being an off-peak tourist season, it’s a lot quieter out, yet the scenery an... Learn more

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is Open!

December 31, 2021 Sasquatch Mountain Resort is open and waiting for you! Hit the slopes and enjoy the plethora of exciting runs ranging from green outruns to steep bl... Learn more

Dog Friendly BC Route7

July 22, 2021 Dogs enrich our lives beyond measure; they are faithful friends and playful companions that bring joy and laughter to everyday life. With over 35% of C... Learn more

Sasquatch Mountain Resort Opening NEW Quad Chair

December 3, 2019 Sasquatch Mountain Resort, formerly known as Hemlock Valley Resort, is now completing construction on their new quad chair lift, expected to be in oper... Learn more

4 Places to Experience Nature on Route 7

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Top 7 Roadside Attractions on Route 7

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Things to do in Coquitlam While Driving Along Route 7

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Mountain biking at Burke Mountain in Coquitlam.
10 Reasons to Pick Up Coquitlam’s New Travel & Experience Guide

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