Maple Ridge has many unique and distinct shopping districts.

224 Street 
This quaint shopping district, nestled on 224 Street between Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road, offers several boutique shops and services. Some of the unique gifts and items you will find here include: a tea & whimsical gift shop, a candle shop, a kids’ boutique store, a craft brewery, a jewelry store, art stores, home décor and the list goes on.

Dewdney Shopping Corridor
Dewdney Trunk Road spans the entire length of Maple Ridge from east to west. Each of the main shopping centres is accessible from Dewdney Trunk Road. Along the Dewdney Shopping Corridor you will find pockets of unique shops and services. Around the City Hall area is where the majority of the health and wellness services are located, as well as several fitness centres. The Dewdney Shopping Corridor is home to impressive bakeries, spas and salons, breweries, gastro pubs and much more. The public library is accessible off Dewdney Trunk Road.

West Lougheed Shopping Corridor
As you arrive from the west into Maple Ridge, the West Lougheed Corridor features two shopping centres, Westridge and Westgate Centre with around 70 shops and services between the two locations. Along West Lougheed is where you will find the majority of the vehicle services, home improvement, renovations and garden stores. West Lougheed Shopping Corridor is a mecca for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Many of the popular restaurants and pubs, along with the hotels & motels are also found along the West Lougheed Corridor.

Town Centre Lougheed Shopping Corridor
This area is home to many of the insurance and financial institutions in Maple Ridge. This shopping corridor includes Maple Ridge’s two indoor shopping centres, Haney Place Mall and Valley Fair Mall and attracts a wide range of clientele from art and décor enthusiasts to food lovers. There are plenty of great eats to tide you over while shopping.