Hiking Road Trips

Hiking Road Trips In BC

Communities along the Scenic7 boast some of the most pristine hiking in the Fraser Valley. With over 60 trail systems in 7 communities, you could wander in the mountains for days.

The Scenic7 Grind

Coquitlam Hikes

Mt. Hope Lookout, Hope BC


The Grouse Grind might be “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster,” but it’s not the only game in town. The Coquitlam Crunch (Coquitlam), Campbell Lake Trail (Harrison Hot Springs), and Mt. Hope Lookout (Hope) each provide the aerobic workout that Grind hikers seek, but without the crowds.

This road trip is best enjoyed over two days. The Coquitlam Crunch and the Mt. Hope Lookout can be hiked on the first day with an overnight stay in Hope or Harrison Hot Springs. Relax in the sauna at the Recreation Centre in Hope or the hot spring pools in Harrison before tackling the Campbell Lake Trail the second day.


  1. Coquitlam Crunch (Coquitlam) – 430 stairs uphill through greenspace in
    • Coquitlam
    • Rating: Moderate/Difficult
    • Distance: 4.4km
    • Time: 30-40 minutes
  2. Stave Dam Interpretive Forest Trail (Mission)- Self-guided interpretive trail describing forest management activities on the Municipal Forest, leading to fantastic viewpoint with vistas on a clear day to Vancouver Island.
    • Mission
    • Rating: Moderate
    • Distance: 1.6km
    • Time: 50-60 minutes
  3. Campbell Lake Trail (Harrison Hot Springs) – This strenuous climb to Campbell Lake is Harrison’s answer to the Grouse Grind.
    • Rating: Difficult
    • Distance: 10km
    • Time: 6 hours
  4. Hope Lookout (Hope) – This is Hope’s “Grouse Grind,” offering hikers and runners a steep trail through lush forest, ending with a spectacular viewpoint perched on a rocky slope. you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the rivers, mountains, and lakes surrounding Hope.
    • Rating: Moderate
    • Distance: 4km
    • Time: 3 hours


Day 1:

Start off your morning right with the  Coquitlam Crunch!  Enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants minutes away along Glen Drive. Korean, Filipino, Persian, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese and more all in two blocks. After lunch, drive along the scenic Highway 7 to the Stave lake Interpretive Forest: 46 mins (38.8 km), stretch your legs with this quick 50-60 minute hike.  Then make your way to Mt. Hope Lookout Trail 1 H 25 mins( 107 km).  After the hike, enjoy a post-hike sauna at the Recreation Centre and a meal at the Owl Street Cafe. Spend the night in one of the nearby communities: Hope, Agassiz or Harrison.

Day 2:

If you spent the night in Hope, pick up a coffee from the Blue Moose Coffee House on your way to Harrison Hot Springs. If you stayed in Harrison or Agassiz visit Muddy Waters or Heritage Coffee house to power up for the Campbell Lake Trail(Harrison Grind). After the hike, soak in the mineral water (your body will need it!), at the Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool. Return home after dinner at one of Harrison’s many restaurants; Old Settler Pub, Black Forest, Corner Cafe, or Morgans.

Fraser River Views

Hiking the Fraser River

The Mighty Fraser River is the beating heart of the communities along Scenic7. Take the opportunity this summer to see the Fraser in all its glory.

Watch as the greatest salmon river on earth meets with its smaller tributaries: the Coquihalla, Pitt, and Harrison Rivers all empty into the Fraser. Marvel at the way in which the clear water of the Coquihalla, Pitt, and Harrison disappears into the silt-filled waters of the longest river in British Columbia.

These hikes are family-friendly and a great way to introduce kids to the watershed we all call home. In the late fall, spawning salmon are visible at the mouth of the tributaries. We suggest starting your day in Hope and following the Fraser River down the valley before finishing at the dikes in Maple Ridge.


  1. Colony Farm Regional Park (Coquitlam) – More than 8.5 km’s of nature trails through scenic meadows and fields near the Fraser River and Coquitlam River. A bird watchers paradise.
    • Rating: Easy
    • Distance: varies
    • Time: 1 hour
  2. Dikes (Maple Ridge) – Flat, scenic dike walks along the Alouette and Fraser Rivers are very popular.
    • Rating: easy
    • Distance: various
    • Time: various
  3. Fraser River Heritage Park (Mission) – Numerous trails of varying length which pass through park and forest. Spectacular views of the Fraser Valley. Home to the historic ruins of St. Mary’s Mission and Indian Residential School and the Blackberry Kitchen.
    • Rating: easy to moderate
    • Distance: varies
    • Time: 1-2 hours
  4. Kilby Park (Harrison Mills) – Nature trails near the Harrison and Fraser Rivers
  5. Rotary Nature Trails (Hope) – Popular multi-use trails follow the Coquihalla River through coastal forest, with great views of the Fraser and Coquihalla Rivers.
    • Rating: Easy
    • Distance: 2km
    • Time: 1 hour


Day 1:

Start at the Colony Farms Regional Park, once you have explored the scenic nature trails make your way to the Dikes in Maple Ridge: 50 mins(50 km). Once here, stretch your legs and follow the dikes trail along the Alouette and Fraser Rivers.  Once completed, return to your vehicle and make your way to the Fraser River Heritage Park: 56 mins(47.2 km). Take a break from driving here and take a walk, this will give you spectacular views of the Fraser River and a chance to go back through time while walking among the ruins. Now it’s time to get back on the road and drive to Kilby Park: 32 mins( 35.5 km). Stop here for a late lunch at the Kilby Cafe before returning to the road for last destination. From Kilby, stay on the Highway 7 to Rotary Nature Trails in Hope, BC: 50 mins (58.2 km).  Return home, stop at Mission Springs Pub or Rocko’s Diner in Mission for dinner.

Drive the scenic
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What is the Scenic7?

Also known as the Lougheed Highway, the Scenic 7 provides a link between Vancouver and Hope that is off the beaten path. From extreme adventures to simple, warm hospitality, there is something for everyone in Mighty Fraser Country.

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