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Flood Falls, Hope BC


Scenic7 is not called ‘scenic’ for nothing. So grab your camera and check out some of the scenery that gave us our name.

  1. Stave Dam Forest Interpretive Trail (Mission) – boardwalks and old growth forest lead you to a vantage point that gives you an eagle eye view which on a clear day goes as far as Vancouver Island. Giving you serious selfie bragging rights.
  2. Westminster Abbey Viewpoint (Mission) – follow a short and serene trail to a viewpoint that leads you across the Fraser Valley – a great place to get the best background shots.
  3. Kanaka Creek (Maple Ridge) – Waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, wild salmon and more. Kanaka Creek provides the perfect backdrop of all your landscape and wildlife photography.
  4. Colony Farm Regional Park (Coquitlam) – nearly 200 species of birds have been observed (this is approximately 40 per cent of the bird species found in BC). The park is home to more than 400 hectares of grasslands, waterways and marshes crisscrossed by flat, wide trails. Search for the large colony of nesting great blue herons, purple martins, the elusive lazuli bunting and dozens of other species of birds and waterfowl. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets cap off this gem of a park.



Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

Cliff Falls ,Kanaka Creek Park, Maple Ridge


There are few things more iconic than a British Columbia waterfall. The cliffs of the coastal rainforest do not disappoint in any season, but particularly in the spring when the snow is melting and the rain is falling.


  1. Crystal Falls – Coquitlam
    • Easy, 2 hour hike, 7 km
  2. Sawblade Falls – Coquitlam
    • Easy, 3 hour hike, 8 km
  3. Gold Creek Fall, Golden Ears Park, Maple Ridge
    • Easy, 2 hour hike, 5.5 km
  4. Cliff Falls, Kanaka Creek Park, Maple Ridge
    • Easy, 2 hour hike, 4 km
  5. Cascade Falls – Mission
    • Easy, 20 minute hike, 0.75 km.
  6. Flood Falls – Hope
    • Easy, 45 minute hike, 1 km


Day 1:

Start at Crystal Falls in Coquitlam, BC. Take a quick 2 hour stroll to Crystal Falls, snap some selfies and then make your way on to Sawblade Falls in Coquitlam, BC.  Stretch your legs and enjoy a relaxing walk to Sawblade Falls. Once completed, get lunch at the John B. Neighbourhood Pub in Coquitlam. Once you have powered up, make your way to Gold Creek Falls in Maple Ridge. Spend the night in Maple Ridge.

Day 2:

Start in Maple Ridge  grab your coffee and your breakfast from Bobby Sox’s Diner, and then make your way to Cliff Falls: 12 mins( 7.1 km)  This easy 2 hour hike is the perfect way to start your day. Once completed, head out to Cascade Falls 48 mins(48.4) km. This quick 30 minute hike is well worth the drive. Finally, head to Flood Falls in Hope: 1 H 14 mins (94.2 km). Once you have completed this short hike, you can have lunch at the delectable Blue Moose Cafe. Return home.

Drive the scenic
highway seven

What is the Scenic7?

Also known as the Lougheed Highway, the Scenic 7 provides a link between Vancouver and Hope that is off the beaten path. From extreme adventures to simple, warm hospitality, there is something for everyone in Mighty Fraser Country.

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